Twin Lobe Root Blowers
Twin Lobe Root Blowers, also known as Positive Displacement Blowers or PD Blowers, are mechanical devices used to move air or other gases through a system. They consist of two counter-rotating lobes, which trap and move the gas through the blower. The lobes are shaped like figure-8s, and as they rotate, they create pockets of gas that are drawn in at the inlet, then compressed and forced out at the outlet.
STP Blowers
The STP blowers are applicable for the aeration in the ETP tank. These are made to fulfill oxygen demands and keep up with the treatment process at minimal costs. The blowers yield strong pressure and efficient airflow. 

ETP Blowers
ETP Blowers are widely used by the industries for an effective treatment of industrial wastewater. These allow for reuse and release of an innocuous disposal to the environment. Their use is requited to save from the harmful effects made to environment. These blowers are utilized for pharmaceutical, chemical, and electroplating water wastes.

Roots Blower
Roots blowers are of air-cooled and oil-free technologies, included with two rotors that moves in their opposite directions. Major applications are pneumatic conveying, aquaculture, fish farms, waste water treatment, thermal forming, vacuum systems, surface treatment, etc. 
Industrial Air Blowers
Industrial air blowers are demanded for applications where the gas or air flow is of utmost importance. These high-quality blowers are necessary for the operation of conveying systems, particulate transport, exhaust, combustion, ventilation, aeration, cooling, drying, air-cleaning, and others. 
Pumps and Pumping Equipments
The range of Pumps and Pumping Equipment has several units, known for their optimum functionality. These are offered with many benefits such as Smooth Flow, Proven Reliability, Corrosion Resistance, Energy Efficiency, Size Versatility, Low Maintenance, Application Versatility, etc. 
Water Cooled Blower
Water-cooled blowers are suited for the applications where pressure of discharge is above10-psi (or 7000-mm WG). The units assist in dissipating the heat for an efficient working and extended service life of the seals as well as blower bearings. 
Vacuum System
Vacuum systems can do their task of vacuuming without making any environmental hazard. These systems are offered with effortless operation, zero filter troubles, extended functional life and modish vacuuming technology.
Vacuum Booster
Vacuum Boosters are functional as the positive displacement pumps and boast of advanced vacuum technology. These are available with advanced functionality and extended service life. Moreover, these are provided to clients at industry-leading rates. Heat treatment, thin film coating and other industrial process are executed with these units. 
Aquaculture Fishery Air Blower
Aquaculture Fishery Air Blower is used for many applications such as Fish Tank Aeration, Fish farm oxygen Supply, Fish Farming air Supply, Aquaculture Blower air Supply, Sea Food air Supply, etc. The blowers ensure high oxygen level for fishes. 
Positive Displacement Blower
Positive displacement blowers are industry standard blowers, made for providing a fixed volume with inlet and discharge pressures. The blowers can run smoothly without any hassle and ensure efficient, rapid and safe operation. Supplied standalone solutions are used to move air or gas with rotary lobes. 

Acoustic Hood Enclosure
Acoustic hood enclosures are utilized to cover the complete arrangement of blower and motor. These are sound proof cabin offered with an exhaust fan made top reduce heat in the chamber. The units are specifically made for generators, blowers, Swing machine, compressors, cable machine, Hydraulic machine, etc. 

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